Therukoothu is the oldest traditional drama of the Tamils. This art has been preserved by Tamils ​​for thousands of years. Bharatha kalai koodam has been performing this traditional therukoothu art for many years. Our artists will give you the best art experience.It is the duty of every Tamil to preserve our traditional arts. If the arts are to be preserved, a lot of art shows need to be created. Bharatha kali koodam looks forward to your support in preserving the arts

Therukoothu is the traditional drama dance art that must be preserved. Bharatha kalai koodam is sure to preserve art and give it to the world.All the Tamil traditional arts bharatha kalai koodam will give you the best. Tamil Cultural Arts Thappattam, Naiyandi melam, Nadhaswarm, kailaya vathiyam, Puliattam, silambattam, oyilattam, Periya melam, chakkai attam, kokkalikkattai, poikkalkuthirai, etc.


Bharathar Aasan

Cultural Centre run by Bharathar who is the coordinator and develope.


Aravind is the best Thavil musician who has played over a thousand shows.

Therukoothu Artist

Our artist is a renowned Therukoothu artist and well versed.

Therukoothu Artist

Prakash raj is a famous Therukoothu artist and has splendid moves

About Therukoothu Team

Bharatha kalai koodam is at the forefront of presenting the Tamil traditional art of therukoothu to the world in the most elegant way. bharatha kalai koodam will introduce you to the best therukoothu artists of Tamil Nadu.

Our goal is to preserve Tamil traditional art and put it in front of you and make all the people of the world happy. வாழ்க தெருக்கூத்து கலை மற்றும் கலைஞர்கள் - பரத கலை கூடம்